Made in Italy Armchairs Turn 100

I think that the most valuable time is that spent packing and unpacking suitcases in the distant corners of this wonderful world. It Is the time that I am personally most proud of. Despite this, I am only 23 years old and it’s never too late or too early to feel, every now and then, nostalgia for home. Sometimes all you need to take your mind back home is something that seems completely banal. Home sweet home. For me, today, the banal detail that inspired nostalgia was reading of the 100th anniversary of the Poltrona Frau Group.


Poltrona Frau Armchairs


100 years of Poltrona Frau


You may wonder, with an opening that seems written by a child in her secret diary, how can the memory of an armchair fit into this story? The fact is that it just reminds me of my home and my dad especially. The entrance of my house is big and really bright thanks to the many windows. As soon as you look up, you see a long table on the left where we gather on special occasions. Behind this you can see a Poltrona Frau armchair that, I discovered today, was actually produced in 1919! Now I understand why dad got angry when I jumped on it with my shoes!


A vintage Poltrona Frau promotional postcard


Then, if you look to the right, you can see two Poltrona Frau sofas in a beautiful brick-red color. How many my sister and I had (and of course still have) on those sofas! And how many houses we used to build using the sofa pillows and a healthy dose of imagination!


The Poltrona Frau Arcadia Sofa


As I am looking at the sofas and losing myself in memory, I suddenly smell the wax that my dad used to spread on the surface of the sofa every Sunday afternoon.  The funny part is that this ritual was always followed by the screams of my Mum when she realized I had just ruined my dress by sitting on the freshly waxed sofa instead of waiting for the leather to dry. Imagination is such a wonderful thing! My memories are so vivid that in this moment it is as if I was at home, sitting on that Poltrona Frau sofa drinking coffee.


Poltrona Frau