misfit sweatshirt 11/un-dici

Misfit Sweatshirt | 11/UN-DICI


Provocative and ironic, those are the qualities we love about 11/UN-DICI, an Italian brand born from the very different creative personalities of Dario Tupputi and Ruggiero Desantis. After moving from southern Italy to Milan, Dario and Ruggiero were headed to opposite futures as they studied business and attended fashion school respectively. Yet, over 11 years, as their paths continually crossed, the two friends developed a similar dream. Each wanted to change the way we think about clothing by upending the idea that brands must imprint desires onto consumers. For Autumn-Winter 2013-14 they’ve realized that dream with a debut collection of graphic print tops that have something to say.

Born from international pop and street culture, the AW 2013-14 11/UN-DICI collection features provocative words in a bold block font. From the popular “Penis” to the playful “Misfit,” each irreverent word is meant to be suggestive, create an immediate impression and leave a mark. Eleven years in the making, the collection consists of basic sweaters, button-up shirts and sporty sweatshirts, all made in Italy from cotton and polyester blends. With their minimal look, each piece can easily be used as women’s or men’s wear.

€ 55.00 – 120.00 | Want it? Grab It!



Graphic Print Tops AW 2013-14 | 11/UN-DICI



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