Amsterdam. Last gig of this European tour….

The Amsterdam canals, the Venice of the North. Known for its more than one hundred kilometres of canals, about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges.

6 PM soundcheck done.

Great tour, but happy to go home!

You can't stop our smiles anymore!

Great gig to end with @ De Melkweg. Housed in a former diary, hence the name (The Milky Way). With over 1000 performances of bands and DJ’s in two concert halls every year, the Melweg is by far Holland’s the most active club.

The crowd was fantastik!

Emily rocks!

Love You fans!

The girls got flowers from Tricky …. how about that?!

Thank you!

London. May 13 . 11 am … End of the European tour. Our home on wheels drove us back from Amsterdam as we had a last toast to this brief but intense adventure. Some of us woke up at 7 and left the bus in Paddington…. The rest went back to where it all started … At RMS , the rehearsal studio…..

Packing Up!

Thank you all for following this adventure. Thank you to the amazing band and crew…. I met some amazing people on this tour. Thank you to the people that came out to see us play . Thank you Tricky. Thank you and see you on the next journey …. Stay tuned. Ciao Veronika.