January 24, 8:30pm, Paris. A glamorous, mysterious, unusual, pop-up, baroque event begins. The list of adjectives describing it could go on and on … It is called the 24 hours museum, and behind it are names such as Francesco Vezzoli, Prada and AMO.


24 hours museum ad

24 hours museum | Francesco Vezzoli, AMO, Prada


The project sponsored by Prada, creates a museum that exists for only 24 hours.  It’s at the Palais d’Iena which is the home of the Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental, and the schedule is very tight. Invitation only dinner to start, very red carpet style. At  7am the museum opens its doors to visitors until 4:30. Finally, the “closing vernissage” and the museum disappears just as quickly as  it appeared. All of it is surrounded by the works of Francesco Vezzoli – his 5 meter high female sculptures in classical style but with the head of contemporary divas such as Cate Blanchett and Eva Mendes.


24 hours museum - Francesco Vezzoli sculpture

Mother Sculpture | 24 hours museum


The “non-existent museum” style is similar to some past projects of the Italian artist. For example, he made a trailer for a non-existent movie, then an ad for an imaginary perfume that he called Greed, which starred Natalie Portman and was directed by Roman Polanski. Everything is done in great style and related to celebrity culture.


Greed parfume | Francesco Vezzoli - 24 hours museum artist

Greed Ad | Starring Natalie Portman


24 hours museum 's artist Francesco Vezzoli

Francesco Vezzoli and Lady Gaga at MOCA