From a standing Vespa to a Jet-Vespa are these the future of scooter design?

1.   Niklas Wagner

Niklas Wagner's concept

Project by Niklas Wagner


Design by Niklas Wagner

Niklas Wagner's concept


2.   Daniele Pesaresi

Design by Daniele Pesaresi

Daniele Pesaresi's concept


3.   Davide Panarella

Davide Panarella's Concept

Design by Davide Panarella

Design by Davide Panarella

Concept by Davide Panarella

4.  Sergio Mora

Design by Sergio Mora

Sergio Mora's Draw

5.  Hywel Rh. Vaughn

Design by Hywel Vaughan

Scooter by Hywel Vaughan

6.  Jason Rau

Jason Rau's concept

Designed by Jason Rau

7. Marcus Classen

Concept by Marcus Classen

Marcus Classen design

8.  Peanuts23 on DeviantART

Concept by Peanut23

Futuristic Design

Concept by Peanut23

Flying Scooter from the mind of Peanut23