Hello my name is Irma Bruggeman, and I’m Dutch.

I am a woman and although I have been approached in many ways by men, I still think that they could be a little more refined, and a little more decisive. On the same token, women might need a little help in understanding a ‘simpler’ way of life, a simpler way on how to approach the male species of Homo sapiens.

So, since nothing is as universal as flirting, and it is a subject for any age and any kind of culture – Italians included! – I decided to take a look at FLIRTING and to tell you my discoveries and thoughts. This is a course for both men and women. So listen up, have fun with this series, and take it as a five minute break from stress and work. Enjoy!

The game of flirting is often played with the eyes. Should you drop your eyes down? Wink? Look over your shoulder?

You are in a pub and you spot a nice man or woman.  ’Well, well’…you think…’something for me?’ When we meet someone who appears attractive, our tear glands start working, which results in a shining look. Your pupils grow bigger, giving them more space to capture their object of lust. That, my friends, is how you recognise the secret behind the lover’s look!

Flirting + Ivana Karbanova

Ivana Karbanová, star of Daisies, a 1966 Czech film directed by Věra Chytilová considered a milestone of the Nová Vlna movement and the modern surrealist cinema

When you blink too much, it may indicate that you are unsure or nervous (perhaps you really are, but it is not something you want to show!) If you want to make clear that you are serious about a person, you look straight into their eyes. Look longer into his or her eyes than he or she looks in to yours. You may also look over your shoulder when you go to the loo or go to fetch a drink, but this tempting glance must be genuine – if you aren’t serious, you make a poor show.

Men may find it exciting if a woman stealthily peeks to them. It also appears to work if a man raises his brows when seeing a woman. But what to do if he is shy and too afraid to look straight in to her eyes? There is a trick: look between the brows and it will appear that you’re looking into her eyes. Finally: a wink always works, universally- except in Hong Kong where it’s considered provoking.

Flirting + wink + Ivana Karbanová in the movie Daisies (1966) directed by Vera Chytilo

Ivana Karbanová in Daisies - Czech: Sedmikrásky

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