Boys & girls, Irma’s back with Lesson #2.

Apart from the eyes, the Game of Temptation can be played with your mouth. What does a mouth tell about you?

Flirting course | The Mouth

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953. Directed by Howard Hawks. Image courtesy by 20th Century Fox.

You can use it for smiling, pouting, sulking or even sending ‘inviting‘ subliminal messages.

Imagine you see an attractive person in a bar. What do you do next? You attempt to draw his or her attention. We already know that you know how to look, but what to do with your mouth?

Someone who opens his mouth slightly, moistens his lips or chews a bit on them, indicates to be interested… If you want to be approached, you should not hide your face and mouth behind your hands, since this may make it harder to contact someone.

Flirting | True Blood

Don't chew on your lips too hard or you could be cast in True Blood. Image Courtesy of 20th Century FOX.

If you know what you you want, then smile a lot. A smile is worth a thousand words, literally.

While a smile tells something about your personality, how nice, sociable or kind you probably are, DO NOT FORGET how important the 2 T’s are. Yes, the 2 T’s. It is also important that your teeth are well cared for and that your tongue appears healthy, and your breath smells fresh. They might be “strange-weird details”, BUT LET ME TELL YOU, these are aspects which are inspected by people to find out whether you are worthwhile for them. At least in the kissing department.

Charlie Chaplin | Flirting

One of the best songs about smiling - Smile - was written by Charlie Chaplin, here in a very convincing smile from City Lights, 1931.


When a woman is sexually attracted to someone, her mouth becomes fuller and redder because her lips are getting filled with more blood (** if I had this info before, I would have scored so much more in my youth). Lipstick isn’t needed, but some men recognise a sexy gesture if a lady colours her lips on purpose – especially for him – to tempt him.

Flirting + lipstick

Flirting with the mouth | Lipstick

It is also important what emerges from a mouth. A balance between humour and depth is experienced as pleasant.

Men dislike chatterboxes. Men who talk too much will be found boastful or effeminate. The one who listens to you, is the one you want to concentrate on. Someone who listens is far more interesting than a talkerSpeech is silver and silence is golden in the Game of Temptation.

Flirting + importance of silence

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, knew how to work with silence.

Ta-da!! Hugs and kisses from IRMA, your flirting coach.

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