I met Patrick in in Los Feliz, about 6330 miles away from his native town, on the beautiful island of Sardinia… Dressed like an American rocker, this Italian guitarist has a nice attitude about the place where he comes from, and in this interview he talks about his adventures: from Oristano to Los Angeles in 4 steps!


Patrick Abbate


Patrick, when did your travels start? It’s quite a long way from Sardegna to California, where you live these days…

It sure is! Oristano is a small city, and my life has always been about making  music,  so I started studying guitar, playing in local bands and trying to get better. At some point I felt the need to explore what was going on outside my island, and that’s how it all began: I just needed to confront other realities.  I didn’t come straight to LA though. The whole thing has been quite a process.


Then tell us about this process step by step. Let’s start with step 1!

Well,  after meeting the great Roman guitarist Umberto Fiorentino at his clinic in Cagliari I moved to Rome: he finally had answers to some technical questions I had been struggling with.


Great – then let’s go to step 2.

At that point, the exploration process had begun, so I started traveling from Rome back to Oristano and other places, looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge. One year I flew to Rimini to test the waters at the Disma musical instrument exhibition. By the following year, I had found connections to go back there to play guitar at the booth of an amplifier brand called Steavens. Then, I met some agents and one of them got me an endorsement with Randall amplifiers and Washburn guitars.


Go on with STEP 3…

I decided to fly to Frankfurt to participate in a big instrument convention called the Musikmesse  and offered Greg, a European manager of US Music Corporation, to play at his booth. I didn’t ask for money and I bought my own plane ticket, just to have a chance to play in front of that crowd, and make more connections… US Music Corp. appreciated my determination and asked me to work with them, so they started sending me around Europe to play demos for their products.


… STEP 4??

Well, they sent me to Anaheim, California, to play at their booth at the National Association of Music Merchants show!


There you go: Sardinia to California in 4 (not so) easy steps! So what have you been up to since you moved here?

As of late, I have been working on my solo album, which is obviously based on guitar; among the other tunes, it will feature one called “Farewell” which I built over the backing track of an existing song by Steve Vai, originally called “Firewall.”  Steve liked it and gave me permission to use it. I have also been playing with a legendary LA band, called Black Sheep.  Among its past notable guitarists are Paul Gilbert, George Lynch and  Slash, so I hope that’s a good luck sign!


Patrick Abbate | Italian guitarist


And what can you tell us about your collaboration with the Italian guitar makers Techra?

With Techra I have designed a new electric guitar. I thought about it for a long time and I am proud of the result, which will be available worldwide after the summer. By that time my album should be done, so I’ll keep traveling around the world to promote both the guitar and the recording.


What will it look like?

It will be available in two main models: the Rosewell (natural wood) and the Tesla (black with lightning patterns). They are very cool rock instruments, but versatile for all styles and they will come with great accessories. They are going to be fully customizable by the buyers, who will be able to change anything they want directly from the web site and adapt the instrument to their specific needs.