About Ganzo

GANZO (Italian slang):
Cool, beautiful, original, the best.

collaborative • glocal • innovative • creative • current

GANZO is not your nonna’s magazine. You won’t find spaghetti with red sauce and meatballs, mandolin music, family trees, or gratuitous images of the leaning tower of Pisa. There is already enough of that online.

Instead, our international experiences left us searching the internet for a place where Italophiles, no matter where they live, could share news on Italian taste, style, happenings and people. From the U.S. to Japan, Italians living abroad are building a vision of Italian style as a blend of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity, rather than a geographic reality. GANZO explores this vision by creating a community-authored space where Italian culture, lifestyle and design remain elegant and visionary, but at the same time develop globally.

As an international community of bloggers, journalists, photographers, videographers, foodies, and design gurus we map the best of Italy beyond its borders. Featuring rising chefs, innovative architects and new tech products we focus on the timeless quality of Italian style. Original and beautiful, this uniqueness is difficult to summarize in one word, so we call it simply ganzo.


Our team is obsessed with Italian style, but bored with the dry treatment its given by most English-language websites.

From a creative office in downtown L.A., each member of the Ganzo team is working on fresh and vibrant content that will connect everyone interested in Italian style.

Vladi Delsoglio | CVO

I follow a intrinsic desire to express myself through the manipulation of forms and thoughts, ideas and emotions. Born and raised in Torino, I dwell in LA and am a lucky guest of this world. I studied Media Design and worked in several cool media companies, then established my own: Amarcore Studio Design.  Teaching Interaction Design at the Art Center of Pasadena allows me to enter one of the pinnacles of American design.  Amazed by the worldwide impact of a small country like Italy, I am deeply fascinated by instances of Italian style around the world, including art, culture, food, and brands. GANZO is a focus point where expressions of this fascinating and timeless style converge.
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Alberto Cecioni | CTO

I come from a small village at the foot of the Italian Alps, raised on a vineyard.  A cosmopolite like my parents before me, I traveled the world, crossing continents before I landed in LA.
I am an economist by training, a technologist and designer by trade, a failed theater actor and aspiring diplomat in previous lives. I paraglide, scuba dive and ski, but now I get my thrills being the father of twin boys.
Wherever I am and whatever I do, my origins define me.


Staisey Divorski | Marketing

After completing my last semester of high school in Italy, I returned with a hard-won grasp of calculus and a set of Italian language skills inflected by a French-Canadian accent and Abruzzese dialect. What came next included college in NYC with stints writing book reviews, co-directing an indie film club, working in a high-end Soho design store, and studying in Bologna. After a year dodging stray fireworks in Napoli I moved to LA. With a PhD in Italian Studies and a rabid interest in pop culture, I continue to pursue my fascination with media. Passionate about art and design crafted with an accent as thick as my own, I manage Ganzo’s content and marketing.


Chiara Pancotti | Assistent Marketing Director

At 18 I decided that living in my hometown was no longer enough excitement for me, so I moved to Milan to study Marketing Management and discover a dynamic new reality. After many journeys around Europe and 4 months spent living in Denmark, I knew it was time to cross the ocean, so … here I am in Los Angeles! Collaborating with Ganzo means living in and exploring this amazing city, meeting great artists and keeping the pace with an evolving environment. All of this with a big smile and loud laughter in perfect Italian style!

Anna Manfrin | Assistant Marketing Director

Born in Pavia, I live in Milan where I study Business Administration and Marketing Management at Bocconi University. I’m very close to my family, my grandparents and my friends. I love Italian food, traveling, the sea, sunsets and Juventus. I’d die for sports and soon I will start playing on a women’s soccer team. My secret dream is to survive for a month as Robison Crusoe on a desert island, just sailing and living a wild adventure. I’m interested in everything that involves the non-profit world, design, fashion, technology and innovation.

Antonella Corigliano | Assistant Marketing Director

While studying management and working for some communications and PR agencies in Milan, I’m doing my best to support what I’m passionate about. Books, travel, photography, flea markets and cuisine are what I love the most and what keeps me alive. I enjoy collecting stuff: rare antiques, breathtaking landscapes, spicy perfumes, authentic smiles. Moving from city to city allows me explore new things, while always returning to the old and loved with brand new eyes. Kerouac’s statement that “the road is life” is what I like to repeat to myself every day.


Federico Fossati | Assistant Marketing Director

I am fascinated by all forms of creative expression, whether music, photography or architecture. Being in constant search of what is new and cutting edge, I investigate emerging trends while pursuing a career in marketing. My passion for foreign cultures always made me feel the need to explore the world to discover what’s out there. After my bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Management at Bocconi University I left Italy for LA in search of new challenges and to experience the SoCal lifestyle I dreamed about while growing up.

Luca Biancardino | Assistant Marketing Director

My love for the tastes, the smells and the colors of my land initially prompted me not to want to travel. I was born in Foggia, Puglia, and I studied in my hometown until I was 21 years old. After graduating in Business Administration at the Università degli Studi di Foggia, I moved to Milan in September 2012 to attend Bocconi University. This challenge has allowed me to grow and understand that I will improve myself only by overcoming obstacles. Currently LA is my amazing challenge!

Veronica Bozzi | Assistant Marketing Director

I was born in Arezzo in a small town in the Tuscan Hills and grew up in a family of musicians who love to travel. After high school I moved to Milan to study at Bocconi University where I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in management. As an open-minded person, I have a passion for traveling the world to discover new cultures and places. I love music, tennis and hanging out with my friends. In the future I would like to work in the fashion industry because it’s a fascinating business that excites me. I hope to one day return to my hometown to open a business.