Airpouf Vacuum and Ottoman | Lorenzo Damiani x Campeggi


When you first see this colored ball with three small spheres on top of it you can only guess what it is that the imagination of Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani has created with the Airpouf. Could it be a balloon for children? How about an extravagant piece of furniture? Or maybe a contemporary art object?  No, we’re still far afield.

Damiani is known for combining two objects with different functions into a single item that has an element of surprise.  That’s exactly what he’s done with the Airpouf, a combined vacuum cleaner and ottoman pouf.  It can be used as a cozy sitting place in your living room, but when needed can also convert to a home appliance.  The three little balls on top of the Airpouf hide the parts of the vacuum cleaner.  Open them up and you have access to the start button, nozzle attachment and exhaust port.  Close them back up and you can sit down on the comfortable ottoman pouf.

Why bother combining a vacuum and an attractive seat? It’s the perfect solution for those of us who live in little apartments.  Instead of dragging an unsightly vacuum cleaner in and out of a closet, we can have it right there in the living room, ready to go!

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Airpouf Vacuum


Airpouf Ottoman