Rocco Adriano Galluccio is the founder and creative director of Alcoolique, an Italian fashion line. Rocco might be  a young guy, but he has already done a lot. While travelling across the world he has picked up the colors and flavors of different cultures and combined them with his own native Neapolitan style to produce a unique fashion perspective. In his creations, Rocco masterfully combines Italian sartorial quality and multicultural references, in order to design clothes that are feminine, elegant, and make every woman feel beautiful.



Alcoolique | Rocco Adriano Galluccio


Were you always interested in fashion?  When did you know you wanted it to be your career?

Fashion has always fascinated me.  When I was a child I used to go to photo shoots with my uncle. I could have stayed there for hours, staring in amazement at the models. So, deep in my heart, I always knew what my future would be.



Alcoolique | CAMPAIGN SS12


You’re such young guy, but already you’ve gone from Naples to Bali, passing through Milan. How has the chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles influenced your work?

Without a doubt everything has deeply influenced me. Even though I’ve left a piece of myself in Bali, I carry the joy, the sunrises and the colors of Bali with me;  conversely, Naples is in my accent, my way of doing things, my family and my culture. In the end, Milano is the place that connects all of the pieces, where the melting pot takes place. Each one of these 3 cities is an essential source of inspiration which I couldn’t live without.



Alcoolique | CAMPAIGN AW12/13


Italy and Fashion: what’s the strength of this couple? 

The strength? I think it goes without saying.  Italy is fashion! 


Where do you find your inspiration? What is the “connecting force” among your different collections?

Everything begins with my country of origin. Through my works I tell a story about Naples, about American girls in their journey along the Amalfitan coast and about my grandma … I find my inspiration in simple things. A photo, a beautiful sunny day or a mural: this is what matters to me. I guess my points of strength are continuity, coherence and elegance … an elegance that too many people, nowadays, seem to have forgotten.   



Alcoolique | CAMPAIGN AW12/13



Alcoolique | COLLECTION AW12/13



What kind of a woman do you design for?

For every type of woman. I think that when a woman feels beautiful and comfortable, she becomes attractive for everyone around her.  Alcoolique was born to make women feel beautiful, because every woman, with the right look, can find herself!



Alcoolique | COLLECTION SS13


Alcoolique | COLLECTION SS13


Alcoolique | COLLECTION SS13



What future projects do you have coming up? 

Projects are many, I really want Alcoolique to grow up. I’d love to show up my upcoming collections along side with the biggest designers during Fashion week. It would be a dream come true. 



Rocco Adriano Galluccio | Founder and Art Director of Alcoolique