Alessandro Ribaldo | From the series Love is...


When we decided to start this new series Featured Graphic Designer, dedicated to a Ganzo graphic designer whose work will be featured in our header for one month, I thought “who would be the right person to start us off?  Who does striking, colorful work? Who is cool and original, in other words, ganzo?”  At that point the answer came naturally:  my friend Alessandro Ribaldo.


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“I feel that expression is a primary need which kicks off the chaos that fills my brain, my heart and my brain and provokes fleeting sparks or emotions in the soul of the viewer.”

- AR


Alessandro Ribaldo | From the series Love is...


Born in Ragusa, Sicily, Alessandro Ribaldo lives in Rome where he works in illustration, art direction and graphic design for editorial and advertising projects.


Alessandro Ribaldo | Take Me Home


His conceptual style is without a doubt the result of a love for dreams, the surreal, colors and revolution.  In other words, it’s love for a world that is imploding under the disinterested eyes of an alienated humanity that is “too busy downloading the latest iPhone app or killing their neighbor!”

His influences include: “the surrealism of Salvador Dali,the avant-garde colors of Andy Warhol, the biting genius of Banksy, the style of the Italians Pazienza, Toffolo and Gipi, Egon Schiele’s women … the burning rock guitars of the ‘70s, the poetic delirium of Mayakovsky and the two Charles (Bukowski and Baudelaire), the film prowess of Michel Gondry and Tim Burton, the sky covering our heads and shades of dirty gray on our street corners!”


Alessandro Ribaldo | Astronauti da Pietralcina


His ambitions are clear and well-defined: to sabotage, subvert and harass the eyes and the soul of those who refuse to see and hear.

He’s an anarchist graphic designer who likes to be serious without taking himself too seriously!


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