Snowdaddy Tealight | Alessi Holiday by Massimo Giacon


Why are Massimo Giacon’s Alessi holiday figures so great for lovers of Italian design like me?

Because the holidays always give me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  I imagine all the icons of the season: snow, a warm fire, hot chocolate, sleigh bells.  In other words, as soon as December hits there’s a regular winter wonderland cliché in my mind.

The only problem is I don’t really like the fancy and overblown decorations the season brings.  I won’t wear a Santa sweater, buy gold-trimmed napkins or admire a life-sized santa statue with a flowing cotton beard.  The truth is I’m a modern design kind of girl who just happens to have a heart filled with sugar-plum fairies during the holidays.

Is it possible to combine traditional holiday feelings with a design aesthetic that isn’t covered in tinsel and a thousand dancing reindeers?  Thanks to Alessi’s holiday pieces by Massimo Giacon it is.  Every year their Holiday Collection features new designs. The porcelain figurines and serving dishes might always be clean and simple, but they’re also cute and whimsical.  As amazing Italian design objects they capture the spirit of Christmas and the Holidays with a modern twist that’s irresistible.  You should also check out the pieces in the collection designed by Marcello Jori and Miriam Mirri.

$32.00 + | Want it?  Grab it!


alessi cowboy

Christmas Cowboy Figure | Alessi Holiday by Massimo Giacon

alessi plate

Scia Pastry Plate | Alessi Holiday by Massimo Giacon