As Much As You Can


Alice prepares to execute her mural

Alice Pasquini prepares for her mural | Photo by Jessica Stewart


When we published our interview with the multi-talented artist Alice Pasquini, we mentioned that her street art can be seen all over Europe. However, it’s also always been Alice’s dream to complete a major mural in the U.S.  She’s recently made this dream come true in Bushwick’s legendary 5 Points, an outdoor art gallery.


Alice Pasquini

Alice Pasquini at work on “As Much As You Can” | Photo by Jessica Stewart


With her characteristic passion, Alice has painted the story of newcomers to New York in the large mural “As Much As You Can.” Even if you can’t get to New York to see it, you can still check out Alice’s first important American project thanks to series of photos by Jessica Stewart.



Alice at work on the mural | Photo by Jessica Stewart


“As Much As You Can” by Alice Pasquini | Photo by Jessica Stewart


The finished mural

The finished mural | Photo by Jessica Stewart