Religion American Flag Pants

Today, I decided that because it was a sunny, yet chilly, November morning I needed to wear something light like my favorite Religion T-Shirt. Sheer enough to show off my “good side” yet long and simple enough to look like I was just being casual about it.  I needed to compensate the lightness of the top with long pants – I could always throw a cardigan over it if I got cold.


Bianca Di Cesare in Religion American Flag Print Jeans


But my closet was so boring this morning. The recent change from summer to winter clothes has turned it into a dark abyss of wools, heavy pants, and coats.  As if L.A. could reach freezing! What was I thinking? There’s no such thing as a change in season here! I need to drop this old Italian habit of having two completely different wardrobes depending on the season.

After testing a few options I went for my American Flag pants. You have to have a specific “American Flag Pants Mood” in order to wear these. People will stare at you and wonder whether you’re actually serious or if you’re just recovering from the Halloween weekend.


Bianca Di Cesare in Religion American Flag Print Jeans

Luna checks out my jeans


After my dog Luna circled me a few times she approved, so I felt confident I could approach the rest of the world with my Religion American Flag printed Jeans.

Comments from my American girlfriends were:

-Wow, cool pants! Are they your Mom’s?

-My Mom’s? Why?

-They’re sooooo like, eighties!

-Huh, nope they’re mine.

-O.M.G. your sooo Euro! Only a Euro Trash girl could pull those off!

So yes, I did pull them off, but could you?


Bianca Di Cesare in Religion American Flag Print Jeans