andrea padova italian pianist
The first time I heard the music of Italian pianist Andrea Padova I felt underwhelmed. He has a remarkable reputation as an award winning classical pianist and he’s known for crossing over to musical idioms like jazz, rock and pop music. Yet when I played his latest release ‘ArancioLimoneMandarino’, I initially thought “Oh, this sounds too soft for me. The classical influence is actually a detriment to his sonic explorations. Great player, but I want to hear more radical and gutsy music”
Some time passed and something kept me thinking about him. Without even knowing it, I was slowly coming to the realization that he is a true musical genius. The radical, gutsy and refreshingly original music is there, hidden in plain sight. He doesn’t need odd time signatures, exotic harmonies or elaborate walls of sound because he can express 42 different emotions with the way he attacks and sustains a single note.
The complexity of his music unravels as the piece moves along and before you know it you’re listening to four or five distinct musical ideas dancing together in a masterfully choreographed ballet.
Now the more I listen the more I get excited at how deep this music can reach and I can’t wait to hear him perform live in a rare appearance at Blue Whale on May 1st.
A great pianist playing live in an intimate room where you’ll be able to get all the nuances of his music faster than I did. Not to be missed!
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