love tank superego

"Love Tank" in silver


Being creative and innovative in the interior design field is hard nowadays, especially if your background is focused more on graphics and advertising than on industrial design. However, exceptions exist and that’s the case with Andrea Visconti.  The Italian graphic designer and communication expert now living in Piemonte designed this 3 piece collection for Superego Editions.

Simple and yet really inspiring (definitely a combination that’s hard to find). So, if you are looking for cool, fresh and a little bit hip ceramics to put into your brand new loft, you found the right stuff – of course you must tell everyone that each piece is a special limited edition. Well done Andrea!


From $ 483 | Want it? Grab it!


superego friend where are you

"Amico dove sei?" that is, friend where are you?

octopus superego

"Polipo". A post-modern representation of an octopus by Andre Visconti