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Angelo Nardelli 1951 | Fall Winter 2013/14



There are few menswear brands that can walk the fine line between hipster irony and respect for classic elegance, but Angelo Nardelli 1951 definitely seems to be one of them.  While the company is a respected name in Made in Italy menswear, we’d never heard of them until we discovered their latest video lookbook by Fabrizio Narcisi while browsing Vimeo. Once we took a look, we realized we’d stumbled across a real gem.



Angelo Nardelli 1951 | Spring Summer 2013


The history of Angelo Nardelli 1951 is pretty much captured by the brand’s name. Founded by Angelo Nardelli in 1951, the company is still located in the hill town of Martina Franca in the southern Italian region of Puglia and run by a 3rd generation family member.



Angelo Nardelli 1951 | Fall Winter 2013/14



While Angelo Nardelli 1951 has always been known for its elegant tailoring, what makes it exceptional is its ability to combine that strength with modern styling and details.  Under the leadership of Domenico Nardelli, the softly tailored silhouettes of the company’s jackets, suits and shirts have been updated with details designed for today’s man. Some pieces even include eyelets which allow iPod headphones to pass comfortably through the jacket.



Angelo Nardelli 1951



While some of the brand’s past collections have been a bit too classic for our taste, the overdyed colors and vintage feel of their  Fall-Winter 2013/14 looks, inspired by the crisp climes of Northern Europe, offer a young reinvention of traditional Italian menswear that we love.  The concept is encapsulated in their cool, but dreamy, new video lookbook set at the edge of a nordic lake.