A long time ago, in a little town in central Italy called Ascoli Piceno, everything seemed to be very quiet and still and yet a great innovation was underway in the field of distillation.  You see Silvio Meletti developed a process that combined the slow evaporation of alcohol and the highest quality local aniseeds to create a liqueur with a delicate flavor and wonderful aroma.  The resulting drink was named after the man who created it as well as its main ingredient: Anisetta Meletti.


Anisetta Meletti


It soon became very popular and was appreciated by everyone.  Adults enjoyed a shot of Anisetta after meals or in cocktails and, since it was used to make cakes and biscuits, even children got to have a taste of it in homemade delights. Thanks to its popularity, the brand gained visibility and a wide range of products were released, all having in common the same unmistakable aniseed taste and the “ani-” prefix.


Anisetta Meletti bottles


Along with the elegant Cafè Meletti founded by Silvio Meletti, the local Anisetta is definitely an object of pride for the inhabitants of Ascoli Piceno.


Cafè Meletti, Ascoli Piceno


Curiously, a bottle of Anisetta Meletti was found intact in a ship that sunk during World War I in the Adriatic Sea. Maybe it was the best way to pass through difficult times! Not only was Anisetta well-known for its characteristic taste, but its posters and printed ads, made by several great artists, gained fame and were later featured in as works of art in their own right.


Anisetta Meletti ads


This liqueur became part of the cultural heritage of the city itself and it is one of the most unique things that tourists and foreigners have to try before leaving.