On Saturday I went to Bergamot station  a complex with several galleries in the heart of Santa Monica.. I heard Anna Dusi had a show and even with the pouring rain I wore my best outfit and went. After hopping from gallery to gallery and seeing some amazing shows, I finally met my friend Susanna and we headed to ADC.


Cory Arnold Fish Artwork

Seen at the first gallery by Cory Arnold Artist- Wolf Tide Show)


(Man Ray picture) - Seen at Robert Bergman Gallery


Me & Susanna

When I walked into ADC Anna Dusi attacked me and in a typically dramatic Italian style, the first thing she said was “you never come to my shows!”   Such a lie Anna Dusi, you’re just scratching at me because you want to play! She soon settled into business mode and lead me through the show that she has curated so amazingly.


Anna Dusi, artist


What’s your favorite color?



Your Favorite city?


Your Biggest fear?
To never have any fear
What’s always in your purse?
Sunflower seeds
Are you a cat person or dog person?
Cat person
Anna, last but not least: what painting best represents you?
This one below:

Anna's best representative painting of herself

So now I know just to wait, she’s just like me. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She wants to show her presence. Anna told me more about ” Tree” and its meaning. The Tree as a monument to protect our history becomes a source of artistic inspiration growing and expanding in our mental space. During the show I loved two works the most:

Garret Suhrie in front of his artworks

Luigia Gio Martelloni's Installation

I’ll keep you posted on future shows! Thank you Anna Dusi for being such an inpsiring part of the American Art world.