Anna Dusi started to create art during her teens. She began to paint uncharacteristic “Human beings” and “objects” with an informal technique. In the late 90’s she moved to New York where she reached a greater artistic awareness of her surrounding environment. Since then she didn’t stop searching and experimenting new forms of life in her works. “My paintings are my soundtrack, you learn to listen to your soul when you paint, and the moment it becomes painful, that’s when the true melody comes out..”

dusi painting

My paintings are my soundtrack...

In 2002 she landed in Los Angeles more aware and confident about the Art Scene where she participated in various exhibitions developing a mix media work as Art Director for short movies and music videos.

adc gallery anna dusi black white

Me at ADC Gallery

Since 2009 she’s one of the Deputy Curators of the ADC Contemporary Art Gallery, founded in Los Angeles by a group of four women and directed by Marisa Caichiolo. ADC Gallery has an excellent International Art Exchange Program that currently plays as a nexus between artists, collectors, art critics and people from around the world. Last year she invited thanks to Building Bridges program four Italians emerging artists with the collaboration of Italian institutions here in Los Angeles.

anna dusi work

When you paint you listen to your soul...

showcase preparation anna dusi

Preparing for a show...

ADC Contemporary Art Gallery
1330 Factory Place FACTORY PLACE ARTS COMPLEX, Building i
Los Angeles, CA

Special moment...