Set for aperitifs

Ape aperitivo set


We all know that the best period for having a good aperitivo is spring time.  Even if it’s still cold and snowy outside for some of us, I’ve been dreaming of longer warm days with a drink in hand. This fantasy of mine is fueled by Alessi’s new aperitivo set by Giulio Iacchetti which lets me dream of an after-work drink enjoyed in an open air bar or on a balcony.

With a simple minimalist design the trays in Alessi’s Ape set  seem to beg to carry us delicious and tempting snacks. The breadboard is ready for open-faced sandwiches and slices of pizza while the bowls wait to be filled with olives, peanuts and chips.  And of course Alessi provides a way for us to get the treats from the plate to our hungry mouths – a toothpick tray and an unusually shaped peanut spoon.  Now all I need to make my aperitif dream a reality is a great spritz cocktail and an invitation sent out to some friends.

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Accessories for aperitifs

Giulio Iacchetti Design

snacks and drinks

Olives, chips, peanuts and other snacks added to a couple of spritz cocktails for a perfect aperitivo.

giulio iacchetti design

Aperitif time | Design by Giulio Iacchetti

snacks' bowls

Bowls for snacks