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Are you so in love with the arts that you feel a little lost when you try to remember everything you’ve seen? The new Moleskine Art Journal designed by the non-profit Art for Business for the Moleskine Passions series, will help you find the way to artistic bliss. Save and sort your ideas, thoughts and impressions of exhibitions and openings.

In true Moleskine fashion, the Art Journal has a versatile and stylish layout.  Five sections let you craft your own personal art history:

- Wish List: what you would like to do

- Visits: dedicated to the exhibitions and museums you’ve visited

- Artworks: your favorite works of art and your first impressions

- My Collection: your idea of art

- Books Etc.: a small personal library

The journal also provides extra material that will satisfy everyone’s interests such as a calendar of worldwide exhibitions, a timeline of art history from Impressionism to the late ’90s and more than 200 stickers to personalize the pages of the notebook.


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Art Journal Notebook

Adesive labes

Art Journal notebook

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