Luna is my spotted pitt mix, and she pretty much goes everywhere with me. Sometimes we just play around in the house, or she comes to my showroom.  Other times we go on journeys, or adventures, where I often take pictures of her. We like sports as you can see here at our Sunday soccer practice…


Soccer on the beach


We also appreciate the art and architecture of our neighborhoods – Venice, Marina del Rey, and the Downtown Arts District – and we turn our walks into fun “Art” Walks.


Luna checks out a sofa sculpture on Main Street in Venice


Luna in front of a mural on Windward Circle


Luna sometimes will stop somewhere and I go, oh wow, how beautiful,a flower mural made of round stones or wow this Ivy looks so cool on this white wall!


Flower mural made of stones on a Marina Peninsula home


She has a funny way of posing for the camera. she knows its something important and puffs up her chest in pride. Or maybe thats just me?


Posing with an angel wings mural in the Downtown LA Arts District


We walk through the city and are surprised everyday to see the beauty in the details. Sometimes beauty will surprise us only once we review the picture.


Windward gas station in Venice


Here is one of my favorite walls…


A garage in the Marina Peninsula


I love Art Walks with My Luna!