Life among the stars of Rome

In 1929, at the age of 28 Arturo Ghergo arrived in Rome with not much money to his name.  Yet somehow his talent as a photographer soon became known to the upper echelons of Roman society.  From there he became an in-demand portrait photographer.  His close relationship with the directors at Cinecitta meant that it wasn’t long before he was known as a photographer to the dive - beautiful Italian starlets including Alida Valli, Gina Lollobrigida and Sofia Loren.

Looking at his work today it’s amazing to see how he captured such famous faces in a way that is totally iconic, yet at the same time so utterly modern.

Alida Valli | Arturo Ghergo

Alberto Sordi | Arturo Ghergo


Monica Vitti | Arturo Ghergo

Leonor Fini | Arturo Ghergo