I used to hear my friends complaining about how the Italian underground music scene has become fairly monotonous over the last few years. They wanted to see some new movement in the music scene that would match the interests of our generation. I definitely wasn’t able to blame them. Last July, while I was back in my hometown over summer, I had the chance to see the live show of a group that has changed my friends’ ideas: Aucan.

Born in 2007, Aucan is an Italian electronic rock trio that has literally been sending vibrations through the stages of Europe. The members of the group met when they were studying at university and found that they had similar ideas on the relationship between music, art and contemporary philosophy.




In my mind, this energetic trio from Brescia brings something new to Italian music culture.  Drum machines, guitars without the body, synth and absolutely no-laptop, are the base of their vigorous live show full of raw sounds and psychedelic reverberations, all of which creates new vibrations that open up your brain.

Black Rainbow is the name of their European tour and also of their 2nd album. From spacey to searing, their harmonized synth lines, throttling bass and crisp yet crushing beats are pouring through the digital pipelines into the homes around the world.

Jo and Francesco gave me some insight into their project.


Aucan - Black Rainbow | Design by Studio Iknoki


I really appreciate how much attention you pay to every element of your projects. When did you guys realize that it was the right moment to start dedicating all your time to Aucan?

Jo : I had the feeling that this could get bigger after a show in 2010.

Francesco : At some point we didn’t have enough time to do anything else but the band.
A friend of ours once told us, “being a musician is a choice, it’s not something you wait for.” That’s what we did: we made a choice.

Can you describe what life is like when you’re touring?

J: Easy and intense.

Do you have any special ritual that you like to do before starting your live show?

J : Yeah, and it’s a secret one ;)

What does San Remo represent for you? Do you guys see yourself playing Away! on the Ariston stage?

J: San Remo is the best alternative music show in Italy

F: It’s a great opportunity for young Italian musicians. Next year we’ll try to play there, at least in the “young” category.


Aucan Live


How do you get new ideas?

J: Ideas flow like a river when you are into zen meditation. I try to follow my inspiration. During the process it’s very easy to forget your original inspiration, so I try to keep it alive as long as possible.

What are your expectations? Your goals? And are you guys planning a tour in North America?

F: We just finished our remix album which features some awesome artists such as Shigeto, Robot Koch, Dalek, Scorn and many others..also we are working on several remixes by Brothertiger, Filastine, Crookers, Niveau Zero and many others.

J: Let’s say we’ll try to go deeper in the electronic side of our music, always bringing it live with our Rock attitude.

F: We’ll probably fly to the US in 2013.


Here goes the official teaser of their Black Rainbow tour 2011/2012: just to give your ear a little taste before it’s Aucanized.