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Fit for a King (or Queen): Paola Riccio's Pallagrello Wines

Fit for a King (or Queen): Paola Riccio’s Pallagrello Wines

If she had to choose a color it would be a brilliant white tinged with gold, transparent and clear. Yes, her Pallagrello bianco wine would definitely represent Paola Riccio, owner of the Ale.p.a. farm house in Caiazzo in the province of Caserta.     A great traditional background runs through this place nestled in southern...
Gustavo Renna | Ercolano's Jewel

Gustavo Renna | Ercolano’s Jewel

Objects say a lot about us, about our feelings, about culture and also about a territory. But, most of all, a “jewel must fascinate, hypnotize- which is exactly what a jewel must be for the Italy based designer and manufacturer Gustavo Renna – just like warriors in the Renaissance used to decorate their weapons with...
Drink Up - It's Good Karma

Drink Up – It’s Good Karma

Italy’s traditions are fascinating and surprising.  Its myths and its legends, its rituals and its folklore. But it produces even more astonishing products when the richness of the land is combined with a spirit of innovation. That is exactly what happened in a small relaxed and sun-kissed medieval village in southern Italy where Mario Cipriano, a...