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Miguel Galluzzi | An Italian Monster Maker

Miguel Galluzzi | An Italian Monster Maker

How does a genius build a Monster? As I turn onto the freeway in my Ducati Monster I can’t help  but think that even after eleven years and thousands and thousands of miles my ride is still perfect. I hit the gas and pass a couple of cars as the road flows fast under my...
MOTO GUZZI Cafe' Racer Project | Part 1

MOTO GUZZI Cafe’ Racer Project | Part 1

Moto Guzzi: our restoration begins! It was an old Moto Guzzi, owned by the police first, and then destroyed in an accident by its second owner (Antonio Coco). When I saw that piece of junk, a spark lit up my brain. An idea, a project to develop, suddenly appeared. It must be mine, I thought,...