Bianca Di Cesare

Born in LA to a Spanish mom and Italian dad, I moved to Italy at age 10 only to return here after college. My fashion career started in a showroom carrying high-end European brands (including Vivienne Westwood). I then began working independently while adding new brands (Religion Clothing, Txell Miras). My increasing expertise in fashion and design led to my own jewelry line – Pinky Panthers. Because I love fashion, I always follow the latest trends and industry happenings. My belief is that fashion is a powerful tool to describe your inner self and the times you live in.

Nadia Maria Nacca

Born under the big city lights of Los Angeles, I am an Italian-American journalist currently residing in Italy. I began my travels at the age of four and when I graduate from Federico II State University in Tourist Management this year I have no intention of slowing down. With a passion for food, art and entertainment, my dynamic writing style engages readers. The initial impact of my work is imperative. From the first word I connect with my subject to convey the heart of a story. I speak Italian, English, French, Napoletano and “Italiese.” Cupcakes, bales of hay, rooftops, and the sunset in southern Italy top my list of favorite things.
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Nicoletta Benedetti

I was born and bread in Maremma, a wild strip of land on the coast of South Tuscany. I took my MA in foreign Languages and Literatures in Florence, then moved to Berlin first and Dublin, where I learnt how to appreciate good beer and not to take good weather for granted anymore. After a 2 year stop in NYC Queens first and then in the “rock-turned-posh” Lower East Side, I moved further west. I now live in LA where I’m studying Child Development Education. I have a passion for good food and good music – whatever their genre may be – and true to the Californian spirit, I am neophyte at yoga and meditation, in the hope they will help keep my sanity in this town.

Rocco Somazzi

As a promoter/producer I am known for booking innovative and adventurous acts by established and up and coming improvisers/musicians.燱ith the opening of my namesake club in 1998, I became an influential force in the LA creative jazz scene.燗fter ten years of club presentations, I founded Angel City Jazz, the first non-commercial LA jazz festival to explore new directions in contemporary jazz.牋Now in its fourth year, the weeklong event has featured cutting-edge musicians like Elliott Sharp, Wayne Horvitz, Nels Cline, Dave Douglas, Bennie Maupin, Billy Childs, Henry Grimes, and Ravi Coltrane at eminent locations such as The Ford Theatres, REDCAT, LACMA and Barnsdall Art Park.

Simona Carini

An Italian with a West Coast perspective of her native country is how I see myself. My husband and California catalyzed the opening of my horizon and the journey is still on. My roots are planted in Italy, while my branches are in creative cooking, cheese making, bread baking, food writing, blogging, book and box making, kayaking, photography, and more. I am a Renaissance woman, pleased to meet you.

Gaetano Di Tommaso

I’m the guy from the East Coast, literally. I was born close to the beach, in Abruzzo, Italy, and in the last two years I have been wondering around in Philadelphia, Washington and New York.Ilive there right now, in Manhattan, working for a newspaper – and trying to get paid by it. In ten years, if I’m not a journalist, I’ll open a small restaurant, where I’ll cook you something different every night. No fixed menu here, in my restaurant as in my life.

Giulia Rosetti

I was born between Milano and the lakes area, from a strong mother and a quiet father. I think I’m kinda like both of them but, you know, that’s what I like to think. I came in the United States thinking I was going to stay here for three months. It’s five months now and I’m still here trying to stay more and to do what I like. You can see me walking in a museum during weekends. Big bag, pretty pale, bitch-face. That’s me. But, I promise: I do not bite.

Alessio Madeyski

Born near Venice, I moved to Berlin in 2011 after living in Roskilde, Paris and Barcelona. I have a degree in molecular biology, but there was no passion in what I was doing. Now I work as industrial SEO for a fashion and lifestyle online shop. What do I do? I let you find what you want on Google, basically. Why industrial? Because I love Nine Inch Nails.
If you wanna talk with me, give me a shout on twitter @madeale
Follow your passion and be yourself. That’s all you need.

Martina Serafin

Italy owes me a living: mum from the south, dad from the north, my heart lies in Rome. I like documentaries and my best friend is a video maker. I love books and my uncle reads a novel a day. I’d die for music and my guitar teacher plays in a power pop band. I’m a great traveler, but my Grandpa was afraid to fly. I think I already have your dog’s name tattooed on my arm and when I grow up I just want to become a Morrissey hugger.

Simone Sello

My musical journey started as a child in Rome, and continued as a session guitar player. I joined the Sanremo Festival Orchestra where I worked with George Benson, Pat Metheny, Toots Thielemans, Ray Charles, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini and Nek. San Remo’s New Artist award was given to pop singer Syria for 揘on Ci Sto,?a song I co-arranged and produced. My love for music and journalism brought me to L.A. where I work as a producer, session guitar player, songwriter, and journalist. I have collaborated with Vasco Rossi, Miley Cyrus, Renato Zero, Warren Cuccurullo (Frank Zappa, Duran Duran), and many others.
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Sharón Zoldan

As a native of Los Angeles, I studied Art History, Italian and Spanish at UCLA. During my college career, I founded and served as the editor of GRAPHITE, an interdisciplinary arts journal. Upon graduating, I moved to Tel Aviv, where I worked as a Curator and Art Consultant. Having lived abroad in several countries, including Italy, Spain and Costa Rica, I have solidified the value of travel and immersion. My goal is to act as a bridge between the goings-on of the arts community and Ganzo readership.

Andrea Marino

To have been born and raised under the biggest volcano in Europe is an experience that I still struggle to grasp. I did come to understand that I might have been the psychological outcome of my parents and did manage to dismantle that. But the realization that possibly I have been forged in to who I am, by the volcano
came much later. I am a mirror of that force,that nameless power which in order to survive has to be channeled countless times in infinite an-fragmented experiences. Photography is an intrinsic part of that force and now writing as well.

Irma Br黦geman

Born in Holland, but a trip to Florence changed my life. The great art in that city and the skills of the artists behind it made me realize that I could be a Uomo Universale instead of somebody who specializes in one thing. Inspired by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Dante… I promised myself ‘You can do anything you like and love, so work with passion and no limits!’ So I do. I write, take photo’s, I design, I draw, I paint, I am the proud owner of three company’s. And yeah, I combine that with the care of five children. When you do what you love, everything is possible. My youngest son is 2 years old and I named him: Levi Elias Firenze. One day I’ll take him to Florence and he will realize why I named him after the city that changed my life forever.

Xian Zhang

Born and raised in China, I was amazed by the Ferrari F1 team at 16, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Italian Language, and am currently in the masters program at Bocconi University in Milan. Starting from my teenage years I’ve been defined by Italy. I lived la bella vita in Sardegna and I’m enjoying the aggressively busy pace of studying in Milan. I have observed the slow and the fast aspects of Italian life and experienced the idleness of an Italian cafeteria as well as the perfectionism with which Italians make things beautiful. These conflicting cultural impacts push me to write, photograph, and travel.