Baba Chair | Domitalia

Babà Armchair | Domitalia


With its squat curved shape and bright range of colors, the Babà armchair, introduced a few years ago by Domitalia, is quickly becoming an Italian design standard.

Made in Italy using rotational technology, the polyethylene frame of the Babà armchair can withstand rain or shine and even a dip in your family swimming pool. Italian designers Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini have kept the environment in mind with their design  and crafted the Babà chair from recyclable materials. Aside from its modern look, part of what I love about this chair is its incredible versatility.  Not only does the 100% waterproof body and curved handle of the Babà make it perfect for indoor and outdoor use, but it also comes lighted for evening events and in a junior size that is perfect for children. So, gather friends and family together, carry your armchairs outside and have great evening garden party!

$ 266.40 – 1164.96 | Want it?  Grab it!


Baba lighted armchair

Babà lighted armchair


Babà armchair

Babà armchair


Baba armchair

Babà armchair