close snapshot

That's me!

Hey! This is Veronika Coassolo, a singer, a bit of a pirate…. back on tour after sailing the South Pacific oceans for 2 years … 3 tsunami, 1 hurricane, storms, high winds and weeks in a row with nothing but Ocean around me…

veronika sailing


I’ve swam with sharks, stingrays, witnessed the most amazing sunsets, seen deserted islands and met the most interesting people you could ever imagine. All together with my love Mike and our lovely dog Apple.


Sunset up there!

Now… now it’s time for another adventure…I’m back on tour with Tricky!

So today, while everybody is following THE Wedding in London… I am locked in a studio for the final rehearsal with Tricky’s band …

veronika backstage

chillin' before the concert

Tonight we’re off on a tour bus to Belgium. Tomorrow night the first gig! Follow me!