While walking the aisles of a supermarket in Italy an unfamiliar package of pasta caught my eye.  As I approached, I recognized it and realized that this box was actually an old friend of mine.


A pic of the vintage package Barilla

Vintage Package Barilla by Erberto Carboni


You see, Barilla has brought back the vintage pasta package designed by Erberto Carboni in 1952. Carboni, an Italian designer, was creative director of the company and his work represents a turning point in Barilla’s communication strategy.

As a matter of fact,  Carboni’s ” Every Day is Sunday” campaign was awarded with the Palm D’or for advertising.


Collage of Barilla vintage commercial

Vintage Barilla Advertising


When I saw that package in the supermarket I immediately though about the famous TV commercial in which there’s a child eating spaghetti.  When I started searching for Barilla on the internet I found some amazing vintage advertising and realized that Barilla is more than just pasta … it’s an Italian brand that was a pioneer in graphics and communication.

In the late 50s, TV advertising wasn’t very important; cinema was the principal channel for advertising. That’s why Barilla  developed two short movies designed by Carboni.


Barilla vintage commercial

Barilla Vintage Commercial


In the 1970s when TV was increasingly popular Barilla created a series of commercials called “Life with Bettina.” Bettina was a housewife who encountered curious problems in her home and solved them with both grace and a little irony. For a long time Bettina has continued to represent the iconic image of the typical Italian housewife.


The carosello show "Life with Bettina" by Barilla

"Life with Bettina" - Barilla Carosello


From that moment on, Barilla has been synonymous with the Italian lifestyle while showing Italian pasta as representative of a joyful attitude to food where sharing a meal is a communal experience full of care. To be honest that’s exactly what I thought about when I saw that Barilla package in the supermarket.  I thought about my mother cooking an amazing plate of pasta and I could smell the sauce and hear the chatter typical of a Italian family.


Barilla vintage commercial

Barilla Vintage Commercial




Barilla vintage commercial

Barilla Vintage Commercial