The Barking Dogs are a DJ duo who are based in Milan and are well known internationally because if you’ve had the chance to go to at least one of their nights you know that it’s impossible stop dancing.  True party animals, they have cast their spell on the dance floor of the legendary Milanese club Plastic with their mix of original disco and old-school house music. The best part of their shared skills is that through a combination of different backgrounds they’ve created a unique style of djing.


The Barking Dogs | potrait

The Barking Dogs: Nicola and Cristian


Tell us how The Barking Dogs were born…

The project was born when Cristian and Nicola, two music lovers, met and immediately discovered that they loved to share their musical backgrounds.


The Barking dogs Djing at designweek 2011

The Barking Dogs djing at Design Week 2011


How do combine your approaches to develop your sound?

It’s all about feeling. In the beginning it was difficult, but now we know each others’ tastes really well. Anyways, it’s always fun to challenge each other with different ideas.


The Barking dogs at work

The Barking Dogs at work


What  club or city do you love playing the most? Why?

In the Japanese clubs we realized how a real club should work. Great soundsystems, warm people, and the best DJs around. Our very favourite was the Guidance night at Unit club in Tokyo.

Let’s talk about Japan. What is it like to play there?

Japan is the perfect example of how wonderful nights can happen in super-small clubs or huge venues.  It’s all about nice and  polite people who love to enjoy the music while respecting others.


The Barking Dogs Djing in Tokyo

The Barking Dogs Djing in Tokyo


Aside from your passports, what makes you two Italian DJs?

Our Italian blood is a major feature and very distinctive. Everybody can feel it.


Most little kids don’t dream about becoming DJs. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

We didn’t dream too much, as we both started very young. Nowadays everyone is a DJ. Just technique is not enough, just good music is not enough, just smiles, fashion and glamour are not enoguh. The right mix of all these things, in the right place and time is our highest ambition.


The Barking Dogs | Potrait

The Barking Dogs | Potrait


Your must listen to track of the moment?

At this very moment we’re listening to Cuticle – Liquid Crystal Drink.