Talking about Ferrari and Ducati with an Italian Mechanic

Here at Ganzo we usually profile talented Italian artists, great photographers, visionary designers and innovative musicians. What they all share is that they are true originals who have unique careers. So, when I found out I was being given the opportunity to interview Orlando Belotti, a young mechanic originally from Bergamo, I was a bit confused.  A mechanic isn’t an artist in the strict sense of the term; however, talking with Orlando about his passion for motors and his experience working with two of the top Italian brands in the world, Ferrari and Ducati, got me thinking.  If you consider art to be the forms and ideas born from creative passion, then can’t a mechanic’s attempt to perfect a vehicle be art?  Read on and decide for yourself…


Orlando Belotti


First a mechanic for Ducati and now a mechanic for Ferrari.  You already have every child’s dream job, so where do you see yourself in the future?

The future for me is now! I can’t imagine myself in a world beyond that of Ferrari.  I want to get everything that is best from this experience.  I just couldn’t ask for more!


Where does your passion for motors come from?

My first passion was motorbikes, then cars, but they both started quite late. When I was 16 all my friends were driving around with their scooters, but I wasn’t interested in having one. Then, suddenly one day, I saw a picture of an Aprilia motorbike in a newspaper and everything changed. I got a driver’s licence and my first motorbike. I decided to fix my bike on my own after being cheated by many mechanics and I found out I was even better than many of them. So year by year I gained experience and now I work for Ferrari.


Orlando Belotti on his bike


On Sundays do you watch the F1 or Moto Gp races?

I have always been a Moto Gp fan, but I started watching the Formula 1 races too because of my job.


What has it been like to go from working at Ducati to working at Ferrari?

I was a bit scared at first … I had never worked on a car before and starting with a Ferrari is definitely a bit stressful.


What makes Italian brands so special in the world of motorsports?

Elegance, beauty, the attention lavished on details, and the passion that every person involved in the process of construction puts into their work. Buying an Italian motorbike is a completely different experience than buying a Japanese one. In the latter case you only buy a motorbike, while in the former case you buy a “status,” you become part of a community, you acquire a new life-style, there’s really a physical identification between you and your motorbike.


Orlando Belotti at work on a Ducati


Do you think that being Italian helped you out through your career working with Italian brands like Ducati and Ferrari?

Well ,working with a brand that has the same background as you is definitely easier. You share the same values, tastes and therefore working in such an environment is simpler. It’s as though there were implicit codes, which you already know. At the same time I was working with great mechanics from different countries … if there you have a lot of passion you can always find the way to make it work in the best possible way.


If you were to plan a coast-to-coast trip would you use a car or a motorbike?

A car with a motorbike on top … so that way I could drive it whenever I wanted to!


Orlando Belotti as a child with his family