Bianca’s Showroom at 2Edgy

Today I want to share some photos of my new space in downtown Los Angeles. Thanks to 2Edgy, a shared workspace that includes Ganzo’s offices, now I have an awesome loft-like showroom where I can easily have buyers view my lines.




This is Vladi del Soglio, owner of the place, who wants to beat me at Biliardino –  (biliardino {noun, m.} (see also: calcio-balilla): table-football) – and he does ;/ … BIG TIME!


Vladi and Style Pupa


Now it’s time to set up the showroom.  It’s just me and my entrepreneurial dream coming true.


Bianca's showroom


Now it’s time for you to come visit. Here’s an amazing real espresso (not to be confused with EXPRESSO) ready for you!


A real italian Espresso

A real Italian espresso from the espresso machine at 2Edgy