Hit the ground running with Bianchi Bicycles

They say it’s not money that brings you happiness. True. They also say it’s not the bicycle that makes the rider. Also true?  Well, no. Try cycling up steep hill on a clunky city bicycle with punctured tires. I bet it won’t go too smoothly for you.  And you know why? Simply because skill alone is not enough.


Bianchi Commercial

Bianchi Bicycles are the best according to a vintage Bianchi ad!


In 1885 Edoardo Bianchi opened a small bicycle company in Milan.  The resulting bicycles would end up providing the smooth ride that led some of the best racers in the world straight to the finish line.


Edoardo Bianchi


At the beginning of the 20th century most people either couldn’t afford or were scared of those carbon-fueled machines that have evolved into what we now call cars. Without a car, people had alternative ways to cover long distances. For a long time, bicycles were one of the most popular and common ways to get around.


Vintage Bianchi Bicycle Ad


As time went on, Bianchi bicycles maintained a top reputation by  sponsoring some of the most important italian professional riders worldwide. Some of us will remember Fausto Coppi riding his Bianchi and leaving everyone behind, rushing towards the world champion title in 1953.


Coppi on bicicletta Bianchi

Fausto Coppi on His Bianchi Bicycle


But things aren’t always that easy when dealing with first class riders. Italian talent Marco Pantani (called The Pirate because of his famous bandana) was obsessed with perfection. For this reason he changed and adapted his Bianchi bicycle after every race, in order for it to be the best when he faced the next battle. Even less than half a degree of adjustment can make the difference between winning and losing.


Pantani su Bicicletta Bianchi

Marco Pantani on His Bianchi Bicycle


Dreaming of the wins of some of their favorite riders, children prefer to buy a Bianchi bicycle over just a regular bike.  This why the company makes special editions of the models that have been, and continue to be, used by professional riders.  An example is the world championship “Campione del mondo” bicycle, which was put into production after Coppi’s World Championship win and introduced Bianchi to the American continent.


A British Bianchi Bicycle Ad


Another thing they say is that only children are able to truly dream. Again, let me ask, is that true?  I don’t think so.  Try picking up that Bianchi that’s been sitting in your garage covered with dust and soon you’ll find that you’re a grown up kid with a head full of racing dreams.