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Even the smartest kids in school study to pass tough exams.  Why?  Because no matter how smart you are you can probably always be a little bit smarter.  The same thing can be said about a great product.  The Bianchi Oltre was the Italian bike manufacturer’s most advanced model, surpassing its competition with a lightweight frame.  Now, one of the smartest bikes around has become even smarter with the Bianchi Oltre XR 2013.

Incorporating new technology, the Oltre XR 2013 is 20% stiffer and 30 grams lighter which means greater comfort and improved handling.  While the new bike might look a lot like the old model, Bianchi’s engineers made structural changes that allow for a more efficient distribution of power to the critical points of the bicycle, such as the chain stays, and develeoped X-Tex a cross-hatch configuration of carbon fibers, all to  create a more effortless ride. The Bianchi Oltre XR 2013 is available in three colors – black, red and Bianchi’s signature sky blue Celeste.

For those who are serious students of bicycle history, Bianchi has also released a limited edition Oltre XR that celebrates the birthday of racing legend Felice Gimondi who has won all three Tours: the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España.  Only 70 of the Gimondi special editions will be produced.  Each includes a downtube printed with a timeline of Gimondi’s racing successes. Is this perhaps the smartest ride ever?  Take it for a ride and grade it yourself!

$ 13,499.99 | Want it? Grab it!


The Bianchi Oltre XR 2013 | Designed in Italy

Bianchi carbon technology


Bianchi Oltre XR | Firing Red

Bianchi Oltre XR | Firing Red

Bianchi Oltre XR | Black

Bianchi Oltre XR | Shiny Black