Birra Moretti has always represented the real italian spirit  by being genuine, authentic, simple and  by remaining faithful to its centuries-old tradition. In 1859 Luigi Moretti founded his beer and ice factory in Udine without expecting to one day have his product exported to over 40 countries. After 150 years of existence, Birra Moretti and its iconic label picturing a mustached man with a mugful of beer have become synonymous with Italian beer.


Moretti Beer Factory


When I think of Birra Moretti I always remember a date, July 9th, 2006, that I’m sure remains in the memory of many Italians. That night the Italian national soccer team won its fourth World Cup title and fulfilled the dream of the Italians who filled the squares in order to support them. I still remember how excited my friends and I were as we watched the game and toasted each success with glasses of beer. After the final victory was announced we partied through the night, laughing, singing and drinking our beer, Birra Moretti.



Birra Moretti has supported soccer teams and tournaments since it was first founded.


The history of the Moretti man and his moustache goes back to 1942 when Lao Menazzi Moretti walked into a bar and saw a man who he thought perfectly represented the Moretti spirit drinking a beer.  He asked for permission to take the man’s photo for an advertisement and what he expected in terms of compensation, to which the man replied “If you give me a beer, that would be enough,” an answer which has since become legendary.


A Birra Moretti advertisement before the man with the moustache became its logo


A Moretti Beer Advertisement featuring the man with the moustache.


Birra Moretti is a lager and its unmistakable balanced bitter taste is the result of a production process that uses only the best raw materials and has remained almost unchanged since the beginning. Nowadays there are six different beers under the Birra Moretti name, each of them with its own characteristics that make them unique and distinct: Birra Moretti, La Rossa, Baffo d’oro, Doppio Malto, Sans Souci and to finish the newcomer Grand Cru, created for its 150th anniversary.


Birra Moretti's famous Baffo d'Oro beer