Eclectic is the word that best describes Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s personality.

After first spreading his electronic beats with the Bloody Beetroots DJ set and Tommy Tea, then taking the Bloody Beetroots and Death Crew ’77 on a world tour with Swede Dennis Lyxzén, Bob decided to dedicate himself to another of his passions: photography.

black sheep

Black Sheep | A photographic novel by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo


The exhibition, called Black Sheep: a photographic novel by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo”, opened on March 17th in Milan and includes 20 portraits of the Venetian artist’s friends – people from the music scene and from TV shows.  Everybody is in black and white to celebrate Bob’s last embodiment, Church of Noise, as Rifo calls it, a “cultural-musical movement,” as Rifo calls it, a community of black sheep which is always evolving.

Soon the book with all the faces that populate the dynamic community of Church of Noise will be out.

Hey You! I’ve had chance to meet some delightful characters who populate this little and fucked up world. Many of them are friends and these friends are used to pissing off the pot. No rules, no compromises, different lives, famous and not famous… Ladies And Gentlemen : Beautiful Black Sheep.


Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo