Black Tattoo Leather Scarf

Black Tattoo Leather Scarf | C.A.2 Made in Rome

Would you love to have a tattoo? For those of you who aren’t ready to have your skin marked forever, the Removable Tattoo Shawl and Scarf made by Italian designers C.A.2 are the perfect accessories.

After meeting in fashion school in Rome, the Italian designers Catia Di Carlo and Andrea Bonfini decided to transform their admiration for Chinese hand paper cutting into wearable design. The result is a luxurious collection of graphic accessories crafted in precious Italian leather with laser-cut patterns.  The Removable Tattoo Shawl features a winged design while the Black Tattoo Scarf depicts a scarab. The beautiful black lines of tattoos are transformed into wearable lambskin fashion with a unique style that you can wear without commitment!

$ 338.50 – 954.00| Want it? Grab it!


Removable Tattoo Shawl

Removable Tattoo Shawl | C.A.2

Removable lambskin shawl

Removable lambskin shawl