Barbara Uderzo + blob ring

Blob Ring | Barbara Uderzo

For anyone who stays awake at night reading Italian fashion magazines after enjoying a bit too much espresso Barbara Uderzo has made the perfect accessory.  From a distance the Blob Ring might look abstract, but take a closer look and you must believe your eyes – yes, that is a small silver Moka espresso maker on the ring.

Originally created 1992 the Blob series takes it name from the film of the same title.  In a prettier version of horror-style imagery a mass of purple magma eats up the beads, plastic, and silver in its path as it winds around the band of the ring.  This unique way of turning an Italian cultural icon into pop jewelry has been featured in museums and design volumes around the world.

$496.00 | Want it?  Grab it!

Barbara Uderzo + blob rings

Blob Rings | Barbara Uderzo