Bookyard by Massimo Bartolini in Ghent, Belgium | Image Emma Patsie

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” I can’t find a better way to start telling you about the Bookyard project by Massimo Bartolini than to use these words by George Martin.


Bookyard by Massimo Bartolini | Image Marianne Janssens

I’ve always thought that books have a magical quality. It’s easy to follow your imagination and get lost in a book, even if you are on a boring train ride or in a busy waiting room.  Now imagine yourself in the middle of a green garden; some birds are whistling while the sun shines in the sky. That’s one of the most amazing place where you  can loose yourself in an absorbing story. This is also the experience that you can have walking through the Bookyard’s shelves.

Located in St Peter’s Abbey Vineyard in Ghent, Belgium, this huge bookcase was built for the Belgian Art Festival by the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini. Not only is the project a great argument against those people who would say that reading is boring and dusty, but it is also an amazing experiment in transforming a library into an artwork since any of the books can be bought for a small donation.


Bookyard | Image Stijn Hosdez



Bookyard | Image Marianne Janssens


Bookyard | Image Stijn Hosdez