Borotalco in my memories

…every time I go to visit my grandma, the smell of Borotalco coming from her room still reminds me of my childhood.

It’s funny how that small little thing about her hasn’t changed at all in so many years.

As far as I remember, the green box has always been on the wooden vanity in her bedroom, next to her perfume… but only recently I found out that soft perfumed powder was actually invented in Italy.


Borotalco's vintage adv

Vintage adv for Borotalco

The origins of Borotalco

It was actually an english guy, Sir Henry Roberts who fine tuned the original formula in 1904 while working at the pharmacy of the English Legation in Florence. The powder, which brings together the antiseptic power of boric acid and the anti-perspirant properties of the talc mineral, quickly grew popular among women, especially in Italy, and they adopted the product as a daily skin care product.


Borotalco Roberts' vintage poster

Roberts' Borotalco vintage poster

Borotalco today

Even in 1992 when the formula was altered to remove the Boric acid, the classic green package and the delicate scent remained unchanged.

Still today, after more than one century from its invention, Borotalco posses that unique scent that make it so pleasant and natural even to young generations. Its versatility and its endless purposes have kept this product popular across decades, yet the Manetti-Roberts company has also proved incredibly able in keeping the brand’s original purpose while preventing the legendary green bottle from growing dusty and old.

…last, but not least …Borotalco also inspired a famous Italian movie starring Carlo Verdone, shot in Rome in 1982.