Hair pomade has a long story to tell from its origins a laboratory of the Country Chemical Company of Birmingham in 1928.  The Italian answer to hair pomade, Brillantina Linetti, has brightened the history of hairdressing for 80 years from the heads of Humphrey Bogart, Tyrone Power and Fred Astaire to those of the rebel tufts of Elvis Presley and James Dean.



How many people are like him? Millions! Because they have never used Brillantina Linetti. A treatment for your hair - a highlight for your beauty


In the beginning hair pomade was an oily grease used mainly by soldiers, but then it turned into more of a conditioning pomade and started to be seen as a symbol of elegance and sensuality. Rudolph Valentino covered his head with Linetti and the pomade took him from Castellaneta di Puglia, where he was born, to the hills of Hollywood. When you hear “Brillantina Linetti” you think of a harsh smell, black and white photos, the classic Italian show Carosello before dinner and your dad’s medicine cabinet where there were always green boxes of Linetti.



Cesare Polacco (Ispettore Rock) advises: "I've made only a mistake: I never used brillantina Linetti”


On Carosello, the show that I think of when Linetti is mentioned, the famous detective Inspector Rock, played by Cesare Polacco, used to repeat to his assistant: “I’ve made only one mistake: I never used brillantina Linetti.”

How could we ignore the advice of  the infallible Inspector Rock?



Brillantina bottle



My life: Brillantina Linetti creates and maintains wavy hair. An ad with Johnny Dorelli.