Brionvega Cubo

The Brionvega Radio Cube in yellow


Try for a moment to imagine your life without music. I bet you can’t even do it. Today we can easily stream our music through any of our hi-tech devices. How did music sound before iPods and computers?

Our story begins in 1964, when the two designers Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper decided to pack music into a portable box.  The famous Radio Cubo [Cube], designed for the italian company Brionvega soon became a tremendous success and was hugely popular with consumers.

Even today the Brionvega Radio Cube is on display in art and design museums across the world, including MoMA in New York City. In a continually dynamic and evolving world, this is the strongest proof that good design never goes out of fashion.


The Radio Cube's interface


Personally, I remember listening the radio on Sunday afternoons when I was a child and visited my grandparents.  Although I listened to the Radio Cube, I was never the one who actually turned t on since it seemed to be such a sacred and special object.

…15 years later the Brionvega radio eventually did end up on my desk and it soon became not just another piece of furniture, but a part of my life!


A Brionvega radio closed and ready to be carried off by the listener


Sometimes I still enjoy turning it on and listening to my favourite radio channel while drinking an espresso in my studio. It might sound odd, but when music plays from that portable square speaker, it takes me back to my old memories.