Illy Art Collection by Daniel Buren

Illy Art Collection by Daniel Buren


Daniel does it again! As the second collaboration of Illy and the creative french artist Daniel Buren, this new limited-edition collection of espresso cups is simply striking. Buren combines his famous contrasting stripes with a set of four saucers of different sizes to present our eyes with a new vision of design.  But that’s not all, the different colors under each saucer make it seem like they are lit from below.

As part of his new collection Monumenta 2012, this is a must for minimal art coffee lovers. And you don’t even need to travel to the Grand Palais in Paris to check it out!

$ 225.00 | Want it? Grab it!

cup by Buren

Illy cup by Buren


Set of cups by Buren

Buren, set of cups for Illy