Cameron Diaz + croci

Ganzo @ Bad Teacher Premiere

After seeing the movie with our ‘famously unbiased movie critic‘ Giordano Rappuccini, Roberto Croci had a chance to sit down with Miss Cameron Diaz (yes, she tussled my hair…well, what little I have left!) and Justin Timberlake for a chit chat, a duo-over, if you like, for the press junket of BAD TEACHER, in which a funny Cameron Diaz plays gold-digging, foul-mouthed educator. It’s not the first time I’ve seen and talked to her… and I have to tell you that besides being absolutely gorgeous (if you like long-legged, funny, smart women) she is as you see her on the screen: funny, really funny (for me, the best movie of last year was “Knight & Day,” a spy movie spoof, in which she and Tom Cruise were fantastic! Take that Hollywood), open, available and a perfect fit for high heels.

Here we go. Cameron, 38 years old, relaxed and tanned, walks in arm-in-arm with long time ex-boyfriend, musician-turned-great actor Justin Timberlake.

Cameron Diaz + Justin Timberlake

We were both kind of geeks in high school.


Cameron: “No, do not think for a minute we are ‘together.’ We are not together. He is one of my best friends. Our relationship is somewhat better in this way, knowing each other really well and not having the need to hide something from one another. Besides promoting the movie Bad Teacher, we’re trying to figure out right now, what we kind of goodies we left at each other’s houses when we split.

Justin: “Yes, Cameron is right, and the only thing I’d like to say to her right now is…Honey, I still have your golf bag with all your golf clubs”.


Cameron: I was a geek in high school, till I developed long, killer legs. After that, I wasn’t a geek  anymore. That was when I started to model and travel around the world.

Justin: Everyone has a geek inside of us who just wants to come out. I was a geek all my life, even though people perceived me differently after I kissed Britney Spears when I was 17. Even now I’m a geek. Maybe you noticed it because of movies like ”Social Network” and “Bad Teacher,” besides my TV stints on “Saturday Night Live.”


Cameron: Didn’t want to be seriously sexy, but could not do it as a comedy piece. So, I decided with seduction, trying to obliterate any other car washing scene.

Justin: With no dialogue, a perfect scene. It is great to see Cameron get wet and slide everywhere. No doubt it WILL be remembered by everyone who watches the movie.

Cameron Diaz + car wash

I'd let her wash my car anytime - Roberto Croci


Cameron: almost anything

JUSTIN: yes, without any doubt, just like Meatloaf says.


CameronI do everything ONLY for money… (joking). I have never taken a single job, just for money. Period. Money does not motivate me whatsoever. I’ve been really lucky to have made a lot of money … I am saving money right now to buy something I can’t tell you. There was a time when I was modeling and I had to make a decision with my money: Should I pay rent? Should I pay taxes? Or should I buy this Alaia dress??.  You all know the answer. The dress.

JustinMoney was never an issue, maybe because I had a lot (of it) due to the success of my singing with’ N Sync. It is important, but it never made me happy.


Cameron: I am a fitness junkie. Beside surfing with my best buddy Drew (Barrymore) in Hawaii, the gym is a great place to develop a healthy, great looking body. I eat what I want, I drink what I want. It comes naturally easy for me to just go to the gym. A secret: I never eat fried food. Never!

Justin: Not much of a gym rat…Golf is also a sport I like to do as much as I can.

Cameron Diaz + Justin

Everything makes us laugh, otherwise, in our business, you kill yourself.


Cameronmaking a movie … it’ s a  massive collaboration with everyone. It’s a team effort. As the lead actor you do have the responsibility to set the tone. For me it is to see how much fun we all have, being absolutely professional at the same time. It’s like …I am driving the car… but I ALSO LOVE to let the other actors drive it every now anden.

Justin: “Her nature is on camaraderie 24/7 and she is fun all the time, for real. She is a pro. Serious, but funny with everybody. As far as I am concerned, I have this thing about not putting two things on my plate at the same time. I never stopped doing music – I just started doing other things that were inspiring to me ever since I was a kid. And to have this opportunity, I’d be silly to pass it up. I’m going to go [out] on a limb and say I’m not ever going to put music out”.


Both at the same time: Everything…. Otherwise, in our business, you kill yourself.