MORE LIGHT Ecodesign Bookshelf / Stool | Giorgio Caporaso

Modularity and sustainability are the driving ideas behind Giorgio Caporaso’s Ecodesign Collection, but with the More Light Bookshelf these concepts translate into a good dose of fun as well. Each module of the More Light can be combined to create room dividers, bookshelves, consoles or anything else you can manage to come up with. If you change your mind about what kind of furniture you need, just disassemble then reassemble the  components.  When it’s time to move on to new furniture, the More Light is biodegradable. The More Light is fully customizable and available in different finishes, but the version we love is the eco-friendly model made from 100% recycled cardboard that can be customized with different colored masks. So use your imagination to build your personal piece of design! € 63.00 | Want it ? Grab it !


MORE LIGHT Ecodesign module | Giorgio Caporaso


MORE LIGHT Ecodesign Bookshelf | Giorgio Caporaso


MORE LIGHT Ecodesign module with backing | Giorgio Caporaso



MORE LIGHT Ecodesign Bookshelf | Giorgio Caporaso