Cappuccina Espresso Maker | Stella


It’s pretty much become a cliché to say that you’re not awake until you’ve had a coffee.  For me, it’s not about the caffeine so much as the sensory experience of a stovetop espresso maker.  I need to hear the first soft sputters of espresso boiling up through the funnel and smell the aroma of rich roasted coffee. The only thing a stovetop moka normally can’t offer is the creamy cloud of  milk for a cappuccino. That’s why the Stella Cappuccina Espresso maker is such a great idea, it combines the classic moka with the convenience of a milk foamer.

Made in Italy from stainless steel, the Stella Cappuccina Espresso maker takes the traditionally elegant and clean form of a moka, but brings it into the 21st century.  One of the best modern details is a microfilter which allows you to adjust the size of the Stella so that it can be used as a 2 or 1 cup espresso maker. Just as in a classic moka, you fill the bottom container with water and insert the filter filled with ground coffee.  Then you fill the top container with milk and froth it using the attached handle. Finally, you place both on the stovetop for a warm and creamy morning treat that doesn’t require getting out of your pajamas!

$ 129.00 | Want it?  Grab it!