carlo caccavale

Carlo Caccavale as a child in Nettuno


How do you turn a long and varied resume  that spans two continents into the story of a person’s life?

When it comes to Carlo Caccavale the task seems particularly daunting.  Born in a town on the Roman coast named after the mythic god of the seas, Nettuno, Carlo is currently associate director of the American Institute of Architects in Los Angeles where he “eats and breathes architecture.”


carlo caccavale

2x8 Student Exhibit organized and curated by Carlo Caccavale

carlo caccavale

American Institute of Architects Exhibit designed and curated by Carlo Caccavale


Luckily for me, it’s Carlo who answers the challenge, “looking back, I realize the common thread of my career is the prominent presence of visual elements in all my fields of interest.  This all allowed me to develop a strong point of view and a way to visually tell a story, any story.”


carlo caccavale artwork

Abandoned Watch | Carlo Caccavale


In the coming months Carlo, who has worked in TV and film production in Italy and the U.S., as well as website development and marketing, will be sharing his visual stories through a new medium, the iPhone.


carlo caccavale artwork

iPhoto 1 | Carlo Caccavale


With The Eye and the iPhone Carlo shares his personal perspective on a life that has literally been decided by the result of a lottery.  After finishing his studies in New York, Carlo put his fate in the hands of the American green card lottery and when Uncle Sam chose the ticket of the talented guy from Nettuno, Carlo “thought destiny was pointing the way and took the American path.”


young carlo caccavale

Carlo as a teenager

carlo caccavale

Carlo presenting a scholarship in the US


Seen through the filter of an eye phone lens Carlo’s photos evoke, rather than capture, the reality of his everyday life and in the process play with the details and distortions involved in visually telling a story.


Chandelier | Carlo Caccavale


You can experience The Eye and the iPhone starting November 17 on the second floor of the Pacific Design Center as part of the Design Loves Art event and again January 5 through February 24 at the American Institute of Architects gallery space 3780 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 800.


Junkyard Chair | Carlo Caccavale


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CVS Pharmacy Candy Shelf | Carlo Caccavale